new blog and website...

You may have noticed it's been a little quite around here.
I am working on some exciting changes for 2011.

The first of which is a new logo, a new look and a new website.
Come check it out....

Don't forget to update your bookmark or Google Reader or what ever way you like to keep updated. Thank you to all of my readers and I can wait to see you on the new site.

a few more favorites...

Here are a few more of my favorites form our shoot.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

finding the beauty....eveyday

One of my goals in life is to find the "beauty" in everyday. Many of you who know me have heard me rant and rave about this, I have even grabbed some of you by the hand and shown you the beauty I saw that day.

So when I found this Yahoo news story, I was immediately interested.
Lost Treasures of the City

Take a look at where photographers are finding beauty today in the cities. The picture above was done by photographer Eric Holubow. Here is a link to another one of this photographers images that I just love.

Don't for get to check out the Flickr group for Urban Exploration. And feel free to share with me, where you found the beauty today.

elf yourself....

I love getting the videos from friends and family. I never tire of watching the same video over and over as long as they have new smiling faces on their little elf bodies.

Have you elf'd yourself this year?

[potd] of the day

I saw this little guy the other week when I was out scouting locations for a family shoot. It was such a warm beautiful day. Just a few weeks later I am all bundled up trying to stay warm. I can't help but look at this photo today and think that the petals look like tiny little snow flakes.

freckles, family and favorites

Here are just a few of my favorites from a recent photo shoot.

I fell in love with this little one's amazing blue eyes last year. She brought her cousin along this year and I fell in love with her freckles
...aren't they great.

I absolutely love shooting girls this age. There is something so magical about them. It takes me right back to feeling like a little girl. A place where the only thing between you and your dreams is just a little creative imagination,
and anything is possible.

this beautiful face...

This beautiful face is the culprit.
Simply sweet, simply pretty and simply irresistible.

This pretty little face is my Picture of the Day.
The simple reason I am suffering a holiday cold.
The reason I can not resist ,curling up
and going back to sleep in my sweet little bed.

Can you blame me?

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